Increasing Walk-Ins at Your Retail Business 101

Are you the owner of a brick and mortar store? And do you believe that your store is not getting the attention that it deserves? It is a universally acknowledged phenomenon that naturally more walk-ins mean more purchasing sales, and you get to double down on the profits. But how do you exactly accomplish this tedious yet straightforward task? Here are some of the steps that can guide you in improving the footfall for your retail store:

Focus on The Seasons:

The first yet the most essential rule is to always remember your customers during peak season engagements such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and Thanksgiving. This means that you need to follow the relevant trends in the market that your competitors might already be working on. And in order to manage your inventory, you can always employ an advanced POS system to take care of the seasonal inventory replenishment for you.

First Impression is the Last:

In every aspect of life, the first impression is technically the last as you get only one chance to captivate your customer. You need to cater to the needs of your customers by grabbing their attention as you can always use the power of vibrant infographics and other digital marketing tools to create attractive signage and much more.You can always harness the potential of your Point-of-Sale system to optimize the UI and utilize color-coded categories for convenient navigation. This not only makes it easier for your employees but also serves to be useful for your customers with self-service menus.

Fame and Story:

With the current social media trends hosting influencers and celebs from around the globe, they generally have a large following, so if you manage to get one of them in your store, then you automatically gain the attention of their audience. Voila! Your foot traffic goes up dramatically in just a matter of weeks. Considering the dynamics of the world that we live in today, it is a pretty charismatic investment with promising leads!

Pitch the Concept:

Let your customers know that they matter to you by keeping them updated on the latest developments of your business. This means marketing to your existing customers for recurring visits. You can also persuade them with captivating discounts and loyal card benefits. Another useful feature can be gift cards, as they are more likely to draw the customers again.Studies have also proven that customers are likely to spend more than the amount of the gift card itself when they walk in to shop. The managed IT services of today are more than capable of tending to all of these tasks simultaneously and more!

Sell Products but Differently:

It might all be about selling your products in the beginning, but it is always recommended to go with the approach, which leaves a lasting impact. This means that you can always offer additional services such as food and drinks along with coupons, or you can offer repair and replacement of your products for free during seasonal hikes. The best part is that you can also keep track of every movement with a Cloud Point-of-Sale system at your service, which lets you manage your inventory, keep track of your merchants and vendors while empowering you to monitor your business on-the-go remotely.NCR Counterpoint is your one-stop solution as it is one of the best Retail POS systems in the market. Our POS terminals for sales are deemed to provide extraordinary efficiency without any errors and much more. Counterpoint is the one for you!


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