How to Deal With Tough Customers; 7 Proven Tips

Dealing with tough customers can be… well, tough, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. With the right attitude and response, you can efficiently navigate these tricky customer situations at your store and emerge unscathed (hopefully).

In this blog post, we will provide you with tips and insights on how to tackle these difficult shoppers. We hope that by the end of this write-up, you and your staff will be more buckled up to handle these tricky people coming in.

Let’s dive in.

Carry the Right Mental Attitude

Dedicate a few seconds for deep breathing and put yourself in a calm mindset before intervening in any situation of a difficult customer. Remind yourself that the customer isn’t all mad at you, but rather, they’re displeased about the situation.

Develop Thick Skin

Along with having a calmer mental attitude, its important to develop a thick skin and training yourself and your staff to not fret from difficult retail situations. Let go of the fear, and see these situations as a challenge preparing you for the future.

Listen To The Customer, Be Kind And Patient

People who are upset first need to be heard, so let your customers speak, and don’t interrupt them while they are at it. Allow these worked up people to verbalize their complaint or anger fully, it is the most valuable to them. Many issues arise or escalate only because the customers don’t feel like they are being heard or someone is trying to understanding and then resolve the issue.

Here are three things you need to keep in mind when listening to customers:

  • Practice active listening
  • Make them feel that they’re being heard and taken seriously
  • Respond with empathy

Be Careful With Your Verbal And Non-Verbal Cues

The things that come out of your mouth and your gestures can significantly affect the result of any customer interaction. Signs of impatience, boredom, or aggression will only worsen the situation. So, be very watchful of your words and the body language that you project at them.

Be Discreet

Being discreet and tactful is crucial when dealing with tricky customers. Remember, the other shoppers are watching, and some may even take out their smartphones to film the conflict. The last thing you want out of this whole fuss is to hit social media.

Communicate What You Can And Cannot Do To Help Them

Once you’ve heard your customers, you’ll need to speak to them about what you can and cannot do about their concerns. Start by clarifying and apologizing, tell the customers that you are sorry they have had such a bad experience, ask questions, and clarify where you must.

Act Quickly

Acting quickly and appropriately to the customer’s problems has several benefits:

  • It turns their negative experience into a positive one
  • Prevents the situation from escalating
  • Promotes your professionalism

Bottom line

Dealing with tough customers isn’t an easy feat, but it comes within the territory of running a retail store business. Also, don’t forget that these encounters are not always bad; at times, something positive and also arise from any such incident.

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