Counterpoint POS System for Your Hardware Store

As much muscle is required at the front desk, more is required at the back end where the magic happens, Counterpoint’s intelligence is unmatched at keeping track of every product in your inventory ranging from a nail to a chainsaw or even a forklift. Along with an remarkable inventory management for hardware stores, it enables you to handle all necessary customer data with the click of a button whether it’s online or offline. It provides your business with the self- confidence to never go wrong.

The Graphical User Interface of our NCR Counterpoint makes it easier for your employee to operate while also providing a color-coded sales report to you at the same time. Keeping in touch with your business and promoting upsells has never been this simpler with dedicated customizable outlooks that comprise of categories and subcategories to support convenient inventory management. All this and more makes the hardware store POS system of choice for many.

How to Sell Your Products with Ease to Both Your Wholesale and Retail Customers

Apply multiple tax rates on an item level on a single receipt or invoice – ring up retail and wholesale all on the same order, apply deposits, save credit card on file, track receivables and invoices with ease.

By having a point-of-sale system, the store can keep track of their inventory and sales in an organized manner. This can help the store know what products to order, how much to order, and when to order them. Additionally, the store can use the POS system to track customer purchases, which is helpful for both marketing and customer loyalty programs. Counterpoint can easily handle sales, returns, orders, and layaways – even on a single ticket.

With a configurable touchscreen, you can personalize Counterpoint POS to fit your business and simplify operations, minimize errors, and maximize profits.

Take your store to the next level with a cloud-based POS

We design your Azure cloud infrastructure how you want, and deploy it where you want to. Our commitment is to open-source technology, and support for your retail POS devices, touchscreen terminals, EMV devices, mobile devices, and frameworks.

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