How to Capture the Omnichannel Customer For Your Retail Business

In today’s competitive world, you need to provide customers with a solid reason to stick with your business. Omnichannel engagement is just that. One company increased its ROI across contact center operations by a whopping 158% by deploying an omnichannel engagement solution. Jack Ma—the founder of Alibaba, is also a proponent of the omnichannel strategy. In his words, “E-commerce activities will be replaced with a total integration of online, offline, logistics and data across a single value chain. [1]”

A survey by Aspect Software reveals that business that compared to those that don’t use it, businesses that adopt an omnichannel strategy achieve 91% more year-over-year customer retention rates. Knowing the preferences of the omnichannel customers is the key to capturing them for your business. So, what are the reasons customers today prefer an omnichannel experience? There are many, but the following make the top four:

1) Saving Time

Businesses that offer their service on multiple channels can often take up ‘too much’ of the customer’s time. Therefore, it is critical to optimize each channel and look for ways to integrate them. For example, if a customer initially contacts you on social media but want to discuss things with your business in detail, then you must provide them with the option of speaking with you on the phone.

Your customer representative must respond promptly to the message on social media and make the call to a customer in the same way to optimize the customer experience. By offering this omnichannel customer experience, you provide customers with a rapid and personalized response that fits their needs.

2) The Need to Feel at Ease

Not all of your customers will be comfortable with all the engagement channels you offer. For example, some of the customers may want to be approached through messaging while others may prefer social media to engage with you. Additionally, your mobile customers may prefer contact through only those channels that are easy to use on the go

Once you reach this realization, you will start to think about giving your customer choices. This is critical to capture the omnichannel customer for your business.

3) They Often Have a Preferred Channel for Engagement

When a customer has a preferred channel for engagement, it often means that it is the best channel for all engagement with them. After the initial contact with a customer, you should try to find out their preferred channel for engaging with your business. Once you know a customer’s preferred channel, send most of your offers to the customer on this channel. However, keep them engaged on other channels as well. If you do this, then customers will appreciate that you took time out to identify their preferences, which can be the key to capturing them for your business.

4) They Want Seamless In-Store Experiences

Today, customers prefer connecting their online shopping experiences with their experiences in-store. According to Forrester, 50% of shoppers expect to buy online and pick up in-store. This is the perfect example of an omnichannel shopper—the most important customer for any business today. An omnichannel retail POS system can help you capture this customer by integrating POS and eCommerce to centralize the management of your products, pricing, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all stores.


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