How Can You Improve Your Hiring Process?

Hiring is as much about the process as it is about people. If you have the process right, more often than not, you will land the best candidate for your business. Here are steps that you can take to improve the way in which your company hires employees.

Put Out as Much Info as Possible

Many of the resumes that you receive from applicants will be useless because they will clearly not have the experience that the position requires. However, sometimes that is the fault of the company since it does not give much information about the job. Make sure that you spell out very clearly what the job requires, both from an experience and qualifications standpoint. This will hopefully weed out some candidates who will send their resume in the hopes that they qualify for the job, thereby freeing you up to spend more time on the candidates who are qualified.

Set a Timeline

Utilizing a hiring timeline greatly benefits businesses in terms of refining and streamlining their hiring process. Timelines help prevent the process from dragging on or taking too long, causing potential hires to choose other companies, or causing frustration in potential hires. Setting a hiring timeline also allows you to maintain a consistent hiring process no matter which potential applicant you are working with. With a timeline in place, you will know exactly when to do phone interviews, background checks, and more. You can also plan how much time you’ll need for skill assessment and testing. Creating and sticking to a timeline will allow you to find the best candidate in the shortest amount of time, saving you time and money.

Be Responsive

While you do not have the time to talk extensively with every single candidate who applies for your job, you at least want to make an effort to communicate with those candidates in whom you are even remotely interested. Many applicants complain about the lack of transparency in hiring. While you cannot give candidates details of every inner working, making some effort to answer their questions and check in with them will earn their gratitude. Since so few companies communicate well during the interview process, a company that does will stand out to applicants and may be rewarded when they accept your job offer.

When you keep doing the right thing when hiring employees, you will get more decisions right than wrong and will draw better applicants. Pay attention to what you are doing throughout the process to make sure that your hiring mechanism functions well.

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