Why should I use Smart Alerts from NCR Counterpoint?

“SmartAlerts” is a unique service for use with NCR Counterpoint that analyzes various parts of your Counterpoint data and activity. Alerts can be custom configured, and easily sent via SMS text or email when SmartAlerts discovers some action or activity that falls under your pre-set guidelines. This service provides timely, actionable alerts to help identify and reduce fraud, improve operations, and enhance customer service. There are over twenty types of alerts in three general categories…

Operational Alerts – Monitors conditions related to your store’s day-to-day operations. Some examples are:

  • The amount of cash in a Drawer reaching a certain level.
  • Overages and Shortages indicated at drawer or store closing.
  • Failed Credit Card Settlements.
  • Flash Sales Reports.
  • No Sales Activity.
  • High Sales Volume.
  • Low inventory levels of groups or specific items.

Fraud Prevention – Watches for potential fraud activities that may be happening in real time. Some examples are:

  • Excessive numbers Price Override transactions.
  • Excessive Return transactions.
  • Refunds and Sales made before the normal store opening time, or after the normal store closing time.
  • Excessive Voided tickets.
  • Excessive or large discounts being applied to sales.

Customer Service – allows you to take immediate actions to increase customer loyalty. Some examples are:

  • Pending Orders that need action items.
  • Sales over a pre-defined amount, such as a customer making an extremely large purchase that you wnat to thank them for.
  • No sales staff being signed-in to the software at the normal appointed store opening time.

NCR’s Counterpoint POS Software has features that can help you with inventory, gift cards, and many other aspects of your retail business that will steer you toward your sales goals for the holidays and beyond.

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