Why NCR CounterPoint is the Best POS Solution

POS systems are recommended tools for most businesses and retailers, but its the software tools that simplify transactions and streamline operations. With a quality POS, you can even say goodbye to the usual retail problems and nightmares like inventories that don’t match tallies and sales and orders that go unrecorded. In short, the POS software will serve a great investment that should form part of the plan of every retailer and business owner. But don’t just rush into buying one for the sake of owning POS software and to jump into the trend. Just like other products, POS software tools are designed and packaged differently for different retailer requirements. One tool that has proven its worth in the market is NCR CounterPoint POS solution, a business tool that can help you run your business the easy way. Here are some of the best reasons why NCR CounterPoint is your best investment in retail management.

Highly Scalable and Easy to Customize

NCR CounterPoint is highly scalable and can be customized to the needs of the retail business. The great thing about this software is that it allows you select the specific platform that can work for your business. Choose from a POS tool for a single store, for multiple stores, for mobile and even a cloud POS. this means less downtime and software issues since the tool is customized to accommodate the requirements of the specific business undertaking. You can also improve the user experience since this will allow you to customize the touch screen layout and you can also add images, descriptions or names and prices into the items. If you maintain a number of employees who will run manage the POS system, you can provide them with individual log-ins for easy tracking and management. The software lets you design the reports that you can get.

Allows Sales (and Inventory) Tracking In Real Time

Now you can also track sales in real time. See what’s hot and not in your current inventory. The software also allows you to pull reports anytime, like sales by the hour for the last 24 hours or sales on a daily basis for the last 2 weeks. These customized reports can be automatically printed or can be viewed in the CounterPoint Dashboard.

Safe, Secure and PCI-Compliant

Your customers are your assets too and it pays to secure their shopping experience. NCR CounterPoint takes care of that since it is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which means that the software has been designed and tested to secure and protect customer credit card details. If your customers will discover that transactions on your store are secured and PCI-compliant, then it will be easier for you to market your business and build your standing in a highly-competitive market.

Training and Technical Support Available

There’s no need to worry if this is your first time to use POS software. The system is easy to install and can be up and running in just a few minutes. Just plug in your cash bar code scanners, printers and cash drawers and you are good to go. There’s also a team that can help first-time users export inventories and customer data into the new system. The developer’s site also features online resources, videos and tutorial programs that can allow new and established users get more help and assistance so they can maximize the benefits of owning NCR CounterPoint. You can even test-drive the software for FREE so you can check if indeed your retail business if the software is compatible with your needs and requirements.

The use of POS software is the way to go for retail business and you should do it now. But make sure you only work with the right provider to get the best results. When you need help for your business, go for NCR CounterPoint and get the help of POS Highway. Backed by 28 years’ worth of solid experience in retail management solutions, you know you only get the best deals and technical support. So make your business relevant and tap into a highly scalable and easy to customize retail management tool and see your business grow!

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