Which Website Features Do Apparel Shoppers Value?

Whether you are a frequent or an occasional online shopper, it is unlikely that you are unaware of Amazon’s growing strength in online apparel shopping.

Be it via mobiles, tablets or desktop computers, more and more people in America are now buying clothes online. However, according to a recent research more than half of all apparel shopping in the US is being done via Amazon instead of any other retailer or brand website.

The research was based on survey results. The survey consisted of more than 1,500 participants who purchased apparel online. They belonged to different age groups, varying from young teenagers to seniors well over the retirement age.

So what compelled all these people to choose Amazon above others?

Are you wondering whether Amazon has any magical powers to lure all customers to shop from their website?

Or are you a retailer who’s wishing you too could attract customers to your online store just like the industrial giant does?

Read on to find how you can make your business grow as we explain the website features that online apparel shoppers value the most.

The golden key to online shopping success

Although it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, if you still had some doubt you can now rest assured what the most significant website feature for any online shopper is.

A secure checkout.

Yes, as simple as it sounds, customers need to be assured that their payments will reach the store promptly and they will be delivered what they have paid for.

Even though technology has advanced, there’s no denying that cyber thefts have increased significantly. Therefore, it’s obvious why every customer wants to be certain that their money wouldn’t vanish into thin air.

In simple words, just as making payments to a cashier in person is safe and secure and you are given your goods as soon as you hand over the money, online shoppers want to ensure the same when paying through an electronic device over the internet.

Search filters

How well your website can provide filtered results as per the customer’s needs is another important feature.

Your website must also offer personalized results, based on a customer’s previous searches and give accurate outcomes when they search for something particular or apply different search filters.


What other people have to say about their purchase and the product they bought from your website have a huge impact on future customers looking for the same.

If a customer writes a negative feedback or gives a bad review about the product or your delivery service, it is highly likely to push potential customers away from your site.

Setup email marketing campaigns to automatically invite customers to leave reviews after they purchase a product. Provide incentives for providing reviews (i.e. loyalty points or a free gift). The more good reviews you have online, the higher your chances of conversion!

Images and size estimator

High resolution, sharp and clear images make a product look attractive. Goes without saying that apparel shoppers need to know the exact size and dimensions of clothing to determine whether it will be the right fit for them or not.

If your site only mentions vague descriptions like ‘small, medium, large’ tags instead of proper figures in inches, customers are unlikely to consider buying the items.


So, if you want to attract more shoppers to your website, make sure you offer them a secure payment method, an alluring and attractive website that is customized for handheld devices as well as desktop computers and it describes thoroughly all the products both visually and in words.

Create a good online shop and rest assured that not only will your site have increased visitors, but more clicks on that ‘add to cart’ button as well.

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