What Type of Lighting is Best for Your Customers In Your Retail Store?

The type of lighting used in a retail store can make a big difference when a customer is making a decision about how long to stay in your establishment and can eventually make the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.

An electrician or another region can help you choose and install lighting fixtures with the right types of light bulbs that will highlight your inventory well, make your customers feel welcome in your store, and help you get more sales.

How Retail Lighting Can Make or Break Sales

Lighting is just one of the design elements in a store that can help promote sales, but it’s an important one. When designing a retail space, the types of fixtures, their placement and the light bulbs that go in them are decisions that should not be afterthoughts. If time is money, then taking the time to carefully consider the best lighting for your customers could end up being very lucrative over time.

Lighting can enhance the customer experience. If a customer feels comfortable in a store, they are more likely to spend more time in the store. All types of lighting need to be taken into consideration including overhead lighting, spotlights, lighting in dressing rooms if applicable, and lighting in areas where customers need to see extra well such as the checkout counter where they need to read information and sign sales slip.

Research has shown that choosing the right lighting in the right combination does increase sales to the tune of up to a two percent increase in sales, which translates into an increase in profits. So, putting the right lighting in the right places can not only get customers to buy, it can get them to buy more. Poor lighting choices can lead to fewer profits, and one of the most important lighting choices a business must make is what type of bulbs to use.

There are four basic types of bulbs you can choose for lighting for your business: incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and LED. Each of these types of light bulbs has its uses, but not all of them are appropriate for your customers.

The Use of Incandescent Light Bulbs in Retail Spaces

Incandescent light bulbs have warm light that can make customers feel welcome, however, they are not very energy efficient and they have short lifespans. They need to be replaced frequently. For large businesses, this can consume a lot of time and money.

So, while the light they emit is good for setting a tone that customers appreciate, incandescent light bulbs can be an expensive choice and most businesses choose not to use them.

The Use of Halogen Light Bulbs in Retail Spaces

Halogen light bulbs produce a similar light to incandescent bulbs, but they are more energy-efficient making them more environmentally friendly. They can also save money on energy bills.

However, halogen bulbs have short lifespans making the need to change them a frequent hassle. And, because they cost more than incandescent bulbs, they, too, are not often chosen to use in a retail setting.

The Use of Fluorescent Light Bulbs in Retail Spaces

Fluorescent bulbs use less energy than the previous two bulbs, and they also last longer than either incandescent or halogen bulbs. This type of bulb can come in a variety of color temperatures and can be used as general lighting in a retail store where bright light is required throughout.

Fluorescent lighting can illuminate an entire room or store, making it convenient for customers to see everything clearly. It’s not, however, generally used for lighting that shines a spotlight on a particular display or item in store windows. Businesses that plan retail lighting techniques that benefit their customers often use fluorescent lighting in a combination with other types of lighting, if they use it at all.

The use of LED Light Bulbs in Retail Spaces

LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs are versatile, energy-efficient, burn a long time and ultimately a money-saver for a business. It comes in a variety of color temperature choices from warm to cool, so it can be the right choice to use for the overall lighting for a store while also being appropriate for highlighting displays throughout the store and in windows.

While LED bulbs can cost more upfront, their energy efficiency saves on electricity bills and their long lifespan means they need to be replaced much less frequently than other lighting choices. Choosing LED light bulbs are best for your customers not only because they create a comfortable atmosphere for your customers but also because with the money they save you, you may actually be able to charge just a little less for your products.

Ultimately, choosing the right type of lighting combined with the right types of placement of lighting fixtures creates a design that benefits your customers. And, lighting that is best for your customers becomes lighting that is best for your business because you’ll make more profit.

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