Small Businesses Cannot Afford to Ignore The Power of Upselling

Of course, there are many steps business owners take to cut costs and raise revenue. Some of these include putting in place an effective yet flexible Point-of-Sale system, maximizing staffing ratios, and having an accurate real-time inventory control. However, regardless of any other steps you may be taking, if you are a small business owner you can not afford to ignore the power of upselling. In fact, owners of big businesses cannot even afford to make that mistake no matter how thriving their business may seem to be.

For example, Apple, perhaps the most valuable company on the planet, owes much of its financial success to upselling on the back of its main products the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Each of these devices needs earbuds, various types of chargers, apps, and so forth. Moreover, each of these devices have more expensive models. What services and products do you offer and what related services and products would bring comfort, health, convenience, and happiness to your clients and customers? If you can specifically answer this question, you can upsell.

Pushy Sales People Are a Big No No

Perhaps the biggest roadblock to implementing an effective upselling campaign in your business is not turning your staff into pushy sales people. Making this common mistake is a turn off to both your staff and your customers or clients.

Turn Your Staff Into Customer Service Specialists

The way to effectively upsell is to not make it about sales but instead about helping your customers or clients. Restaurants and salons tend to be very effective at upselling. They do this by offering more expensive options and making suggestions to their clients and customers when they are the most satisfied and, therefore, the most open to making additional purchases. This is the same method, no matter what you are selling, you need to follow when you and your staff upsell.

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