Understanding and Benefiting From Multi-Store POS Systems

When you happen to manage multiple retail locations, it may be very difficult to steer the inventory sales as well as your employees. Having a centralized control of all your business locations makes everything run smoothly. POS systems have both software and hardware with different features according to your business needs. A typical POS system includes a cash drawer, display screen, barcode scanner and receipt printer. These features are customable and therefore, can be omitted depending on the industry.

Due to the breakthrough in technology, the use of touch screens in the retailing industry is on the rise. A multi-store POS will manage multiple stores without risking the functionality of each store. It has this specific software where storeowners used primarily to calculate sales, taxes and manage inventory levels of the store. Multi-store POS software tracks your inventory by store level or as group. In addition, sales and profit are reviewed in each store. If new decisions or changes are made, informing other stores is feasible. Because it is a centralized operation, data from all stores are viewed and recorded in one central database. Other multi-store POS functions include purchasing and receiving orders from warehouse, cash register operations, payroll management and customer management. If you have a warehouse for your business operations, most of multi-store POS has warehousing feature where store-owners can order from their warehouse, at the same time from warehouse to manufacturers. Orders of each store levels are converted to purchase orders. These include the quantities of the order and their allocation to each store. Meanwhile, the inter-store transfer feature facilitates inventory management among stores to balance stocks. This enables to accord the stock quantities among stores, then facilitating the transfer of these items from one store to multiple stations. Because the capability of multi-store POS system is very wide, inventory and sales of the store is managed in a flexible way; also, pinpoint items that are on-demand or best sellers.

CounterPoint SQL is the next generation powerful, yet intuitive, retail store management, point of sale and wholesale management systems. It manages all aspects of the store operations with surprising ease-of-use. POS Highway has built upon years of experience in multi-stores retail POS system that offer unparalleled flexibility and configurability to give retailers the features they need. In a multi-stores retail environment, CounterPoint delivers a competitively priced Inventory Management and Point of Sale (POS) system with rock-solid stability that easily scales to as many as thousand stores. For businesses with multiple store locations or requirements for three POS terminals or more, contact us for a free consultation and quote. We would love to hear your questions or feedback about our products and service. Contact us toll free at (888) 881-1988.

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