Turn Your iPad Into a POS Terminal

Being a small business owner just got easier. Credit card terminals are becoming a thing of the past with small business owners today. Instead of being tied to a wall with a credit card terminal many small business owners are using their iPad as a POS terminal.

Business owners are using their iPads for inventory control, customer information logging, and now as a point of sale terminal. iPad have an application for almost every small business owner’s needs. NRC Silver iPad application turns your iPad into a point of sale terminal anywhere you take it. Make sales on the floor without ever having to visit the counter. Lines become a thing of the past when the sales force is carrying around iPads with Silver software on them.

Saving time as a small business owner translates into saving dollars. Save more time and more dollars by turning your iPad into a point of sale anywhere you need to be. Delivers, outdoor sales, fairs, farmers markets and so many more are expanding their sales with their iPads and the Silver application.

Customers enjoy the simplicity, as credit cards process easily when iPads become point of sale terminals. NCR offers several tools to turn your iPad into a POS terminal. Bluetooth mobile printers and scanners that all work with the Silver iPad application.

Any small business could benefit from turning their already useful iPad into a more useful point of sale terminal. Save you and your customers time, process more sales, save money and look cool doing it.

For more information check out the line of iPad point of sale products here: http://poshighway.com/Small-Business-iPad-POS_c_13.html

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