Training as a Critical Component of POS Adoption

When it comes to Point of Sale (POS) systems adoption, it isn’t enough that you pay attention to software and hardware that comes with the system. After you have decided on your POS terminals, whether you’ll rely on a touch screen or regular terminals and related hardware, it’s also critical that you focus on administrator and employee training. Training and familiarization should come before full-scale adoption to maximize the potential of the POS system and transform it into a management tool.

As a business owner, it’s suggested that you start with the basics- understand the components of the POS software, learn how it works and master the top-rated features. A well-informed, trained and fully equipped set of employees serves as your business’ greatest asset. If you can pull off a responsive and comprehensive POS-based training, you receive your money’s worth and more.

Training for system administrators

Aside from general employee training, it’s also best to assign a System Administrator who will oversee the implementation of the POS system. The administrator is expected to act as the main contact person, someone who’ll receive communications from employees directly working on POS terminals. The tasks and responsibilities of the administrator may vary depending on the company’s focus and industry, but in general he can lead the training program, perform system checks and upgrades and ensure that all POS terminals are safe and secured against potential intrusions.

Training for employees directly handling POS terminals

Training should focus on customer-facing employees and those directly working on these terminals. While POS systems are considered highly intuitive and easy to use, still a customized training should form part of the company’s strategic plan. To ensure full adoption and use, customer-facing employees should know the POS software components and how to use these to facilitate customer transactions and generate sales-related information.

And when it comes to training, it’s also important to include the best safety practices when it comes to POS use. Safety is a critical concern now among companies that have adopted POS, and retailers should be forward-looking by anticipating potential areas for security breaches. Employees should be trained on how to process credit card payments and how to use these terminals in a secure manner.

Point of Sale (POS) systems can be maximized provided customer-facing employees know how it operates and how these can be utilized within the organization. Training may seem like a costly and labor-intensive activity, but this is a necessary step towards realizing a productive POS system that work.

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