Why Traditional POS Still Matters In Retail Environment

Mobile Point of Sale or mPOS has staked its claim in the industry as a worthy and attractive alternative to traditional and fixed POS terminals. With mPOS, retail store transactions can be facilitated on-the-go through the use of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

The use of mPOS is also cost-effective that allows small business owners to conduct transactions without having to spend a fortune on software and other costly hardware and equipment. Thanks to these developments, mPOS is now the choice technology for leading retailers.

While mPOS is now considered a must-have technology for retailers in the future, there are still some aspects of a business that mPOS cannot fully handle and only the traditional POS can perform.

Limited Functionality

Mobile POS solutions are designed best for credit card transactions that allow customers a fast and convenient way of acquiring the products. But what if the customers decide to pay using cash, check or even through Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)?

Mobile may be portable, but it cannot accommodate all tender types, thus it still pays to have the traditional POS terminals somewhere within the retail environment. Also, a mobile POS cannot print out a receipt, thus a customer needs to find a terminal to request one.

Some devices can work with a printer that can be worn and carried by a customer-facing employee, but this can be tiring and highly inconvenient.

Speed And Efficiency

Retail stores embrace the idea of mPOS because of its portability and convenience that it offers. But when it comes to speed and efficiency, it’s another thing. Mobile-run Point of Sale systems can expertly attend to a few customers at a time, but not the case when the retail store or apparel store expects a deluge of customers.

For a department or apparel store, it’s a must to identify an area, say a wrap stand where the customer can hang the clothes that they have selected so that they can find their wallet. Now, imagine this scenario happening to an apparel store with the customer-facing employees handling devices, attending to the requests of customers while holding the clothes!

The situation becomes complicated as soon as the sale has been completed since there’s no available area where to place and pack the merchandise. For retail stores that expect a consistent stream of customers, a full-size traditional POS is non-negotiable.

Is mPOS A Waste Of Investment?

Don’t just dismiss mPOS- mobile POS systems have their place in the retail environment and these should form part of your plan.

Mobile POS solutions, whether it’s a range of iPad or smart phones can enhance the performance of traditional POS. Both the mPOS and traditional POS have their places in the retail environment, and every retailer needs both.

With mPOS, retailers can attend to seasonal surge in demand, and attend to customers in high-trafficked areas in the retail store. Also, it can work when setting up pop-up or instant stores during seminars, events and conventions.

Simply put, having mPOS that complements the traditional POS can help retailers attend to different kinds of transactions, whatever the season.

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