Is It Time to Go Mobile in POS for Small Business?

Cash registers may have been the choice tools for many business owners and entrepreneurs in the last few decades, but the way things are shaping up, these tools of trade are starting to give way to new technologies. Just like the fax machine and landline phones, the cash registers are facing new challenges as businesses test out new technologies that can simplify business operations and activities.

One new technology that’s been making waves is mobile Point of Sale (POS) system, an improvement over basic POS. The improvement comes in faster transactions- customers no longer need to line up and wait since transactions can be facilitated using tablets and smart phones. While traditional POS works, mPOS now proves to be an important investment for small businesses looking to remain relevant.

What makes mobile POS click?

By migrating to mPOS, business owners can give customers convenience in shopping and payment. Customers no longer need to wait in a long line- with mobile solutions; customers can swipe their credit cards on the spot or shop anywhere. For a customer, this is one innovation that can help increase satisfaction.

Flexibility is another strong point for business if they decide to take on mobile POS solutions. Store attendants, servers and staffers are no longer restricted in specific locations when facilitating transactions. They are now given more flexibility in dealing with customer requests and transactions.

Also, the addition of mPOS makes it easier for business owners to customize its services depending on current store needs and the requirements. For example, a retailer can set-up an instant booth inside a local school or university to serve student-customers in time for a special event. And in this shop, the store employee can use an iPad or smart phone as an instant cash register to process transactions. This innovation can also work in stores during peak season like the holidays. During Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, retailers can add a few mobile terminals in high-traffic areas. And during summer, retailers can add mPOS terminals in the summer and swim wear sections.

Things to watch out for

Just like other new technologies and business tools, mPOS can also open up questions and concerns among retailers and business owners. Security is one prevailing concern with retailers and owners are asking the same question- is mPOS safe enough? In the wake of the attacks on POS, it is expected that the security will be raised as a top concern. To help secure your mPOS and your business, then it’s best to understand the security policy and requirements of your provider. Employees should be trained as well on the best practices when using mPOS. Passwords should be made available to those who are authorized to use the system. There should be malware protection as well, using anti-malware software.

These concerns are considered minimal compared to what the business can hope to achieve when there’s a shift to mPOS. With a little preparation and vigilance, it’s now easier to make mPOS a critical component of your business strategy.

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