The Top 5 Benefits of Cloud-based POS

We’ve all heard the buzz about cloud computing and cloud-based POS – but what are the real bottom-line benefits that it can provide to retailers and restaurateurs? Here are the top five benefits of integrating cloud-based POS software into your existing system:

  1. Increased data visibility

With Cloud POS, you can take your business anywhere with an internet connection. You can view inventory counts, labor usage percentages, productivity reports or your daily totals remotely – and in real time. Information can be instantly updated from wherever you are. Even on vacation or your day off, you can keep an eye on your employees and operations around the clock.

  1. Decreased downtime during updates

When restaurant or store information needs to be updated, employees and managers do not have to waste time updating each device individually – including the back-office computer, each POS terminal and any handheld devices. Having to update each computer, terminal and device individually could result in inconsistencies and mistakes that cause further disruption to your workflow. And with a system that isn’t “in the cloud,” it may take a few minutes to complete the update.

Cloud POS software only needs to be updated once and on one computer or device, and it will automatically update the rest in real-time. Managers can even make these updates from their own personal device.

  1. Increased mobility

With a hosted cloud software service, you can essentially add any mobile device to your existing system for enhanced mobility. In other words, you can leverage the functionality of mobile POS without fully implementing a mobile POS system. Your software, and therefore your information, can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or rugged handheld device. This allows employees and managers to complete important tasks when they are away from the POS terminal – or away from the store in general.

  1. Streamlined information management across multiple locations

If you own or manage more than one retail store or restaurant, a cloud-based POS solution allows you to centralize your data across all locations. At any time, owners and managers can access information about each location from any computer, device or specific location, as well as perform an update that will be standardized for every location. Customers and employees alike are likely to become frustrated if their location is not functioning as highly as another, or is the last to receive new information.

  1. Increased data security

In a cloud POS system, retail and restaurant businesses can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their information will always be secure. Information is stored and synced electronically and can be easily restored. There is no need to worry about backing up data or losing it in the event of a power outage or hardware malfunction. Another big benefit of cloud-based systems is that they also allow for advanced security measures such as encryption to protect data from viruses and breaches.

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