The Benefits of NCR Secure Pay

NCR Secure Pay is the next generation of NCR Counterpoint POS and is the service provided by NCR to enhance electronic payment processing for NCR Counterpoint merchants. Secure your transactions with NCR Counterpoint’s –NCR Secure Pay. Big box stores aren’t the only ones affected by security breaches; retailers of all sizes need to be aware of how to protect their businesses. Credit Card data breaches are expensive – even a modest exposure of your customer credit card numbers can result in thousands of dollars in unplanned costs, penalties, fees, time expenditure, and, the most difficult to quantify: your reputation.

With NCR Secure Pay, credit card data is never collected or stored by NCR Retail Online, which means an online store is considered “out of scope” for PCI assessments. All you need to do to prove PCI compliance for your NCR Retail Online storefront is include the NCR Secure Pay PA-DSS attestation letter as part of your normal PCI audit

Overall Features and Benefits

Customer data is stored on the NCR Secure Pay for NCR Counterpoint Host

Provides additional security measures including Tokenization and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)

Uses same hosting platform for both online and in-store transactions

Payment Security

With multiple security layers, NCR Secure Pay minimizes the risk for a credit card security breach. This hosted electronic payment gateway helps a business address the key elements of payment security: data storage and transmission of cardholder information.

Minimize Your Risk

NCR Secure Pay allows a business to process payments in a PCI-DSS compliant manner. We take the storage of sensitive card information out of the local system and move it to the NCR Secure Pay host to minimize the chance of a credit card breach. Point-to-Point Encryption further reduces a company’s exposure by securing sensitive information during transmission.

Store Data Securely

Instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database, NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, or token, in its place. The actual card information is encrypted and stored on our network environment. The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.

Transmit Encrypted Data

Using Point-to-Point Encryption, NCR Secure Pay encrypts credit card data from the moment the card is swiped by your customer. This process ensures that sensitive card information is encrypted throughout its lifecycle in your environment and minimizes the risk of an unauthorized user scraping that credit card data from database memory.

Automated Credit Card Settlements

With card information removed from your database and secured on a separate host, you have flexibility with credit card settlements. Automate your settlements to happen daily at the time of your choosing or settle transactions remotely using the NCR Secure Pay merchant portal exclusively through NCR Counterpoint POS.

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