How NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS Can Build Customer Engagement in Sporting Goods

Today, retailers are focused on utilizing innovative and compelling new ways to engage with consumers across all channels —in-store, online, social and particularly mobile. These systems are changing the retail industry, especially for sports and outdoor retailers.
The sporting goods industry is highly competitive, so it is important to establish an efficient digital engagement strategy in order to stay ahead of the market and meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.
Investing in secure, reliable sporting goods point-of-sale software that provides exceptional mobile POS functionalities is a growing part of the in-store journey because of how it can help retailers enhance shopping.
Mobile POS systems offer a number of features that allow sporting goods retailers to comprehensively transform and streamline the consumer experience. With NCR Counterpoint mobile POS, you can improve customer service, manage special orders and layaways, rent equipment, track serial numbers, capture detailed customer information, sell from anywhere, track employees and promote sound customer engagement.
Mobile POS can also enable store associates to get out from behind the cash register and engage with shoppers while they are in the aisle to help them with find what they need and to check-out without having to wait in line at the cash register. Shoppers are often more likely to purchase when an item is put right in front of them and easily accessible to buy.
Additionally, mobile POS can be utilized during special promotional events such as anniversary sales or warehouse clearances without the need for retailers to set up full-sized cash registers. The beauty of mobile POS is that it helps to further increase the speed, convenience and ease of your customers shopping trip.
Mobile applications have reshaped the retail landscape have quickly become the popular means to provide true value and produce intimate, two-way customer engagement. By utilizing exceptional mobile technology, you can sufficiently run your sporting goods store and serve your customers quickly.

By POS Highway Staff | August 9th, 2023 | Mobile, Point of Sale, Retail Operations Management | 0 Comments

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