The 4 S’s You Need in Choosing the Right POS System for Your Business

Your business is growing and it’s getting difficult to manage the inventory, process orders, keep track of sales, and take note of loyal customers. Well, then, it’s about time to purchase your very own POS (Point of Sale) system, one that you can count on for many years and can provide all your needs in an efficient manner.

Whether you’re running a single store or multiple ones or you’re handling an online store or not, it’s very important that you keep the 4 S’s in mind when picking out the right POS system for your business.


What do you think would happen if a customer in your brick and mortar shop is about to purchase a bulk of your products but has to wait a long time before the items are processed or his credit card is validated? You guessed right. He just might leave.

POS speed for retail sales is of great importance. And this is not just dependent on the employee in charge but also on your own software. It’s always best to go for quick and accurate to ensure smooth-sailing transactions at all times. These days, the touch-screen option is aiding plenty of businesses in speeding up the process.


In retail sales, there are various forms of hardware that you might be needing and using as you go along. Think barcode scanners, credit card swiping machines, scales, printers, and more. All of those little gadgets you see in a shop or supermarket at the counter actually serve a huge purpose when you’re the one running the business.

Naturally, your POS system should be able to integrate all of the hardware that you are utilizing. What’s more, it’s essential to choose one that will allow you to quickly bring in your prior or existing records— inventories, suppliers, customer information, discounts, etc.

Don’t get fooled by one-size-fits-all fads for POS systems. Just because one works well for a company doesn’t mean it will be successful for you too. Ideally, you ought to pick an industry-specific system or one that’s highly customizable.


At first, it might be overwhelming to try using particular software that you’re not familiar with. Besides, the employees who’ll be operating it will have to be trained sufficiently. This is why you need to pick a POS system provider that gives massive support in this regard.

Some charge for their trainings while others provide them for free. Before jumping in, be sure to check the extent of free trainings that are included and how much additional ones cost. It might be helpful and convenient to go for the company that can provide online training through step-by-step tutorials, specific problem scenarios, video demonstrations, and other valuable tools. Also ask about tech support that you can contact in case of problems encountered.


No matter what anyone says, business always comes down to sales. This is the lifeblood of your business, which is why you have to be on top of reports at all times, constantly monitoring, analyzing, adjusting, and evaluating.

Today you can enjoy real-time sales data given via your POS software. This way, you can easily compare and contrast products, departments, weekly and monthly performances, and promo reports. It will help you stay organized and will enable you to manage the figures well.

When you’re out there weighing the pros and cons of different POS systems, just consider these 4 S’s and you’ll definitely pick the best choice.

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