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Customarily, inventory management has always been processed by hand, and although some retailers still use this sales method, most large corporations have made the transition to utilizing mobile point-of-sale solution.
With NCR Counterpoint mobile POS, you can run your business from the sales floor, ring up items right on the spot, sell from anywhere, connect with customers and manage your inventory.
One of the main benefits of using Counterpoint mobile POS is having the ability to manage your inventory right from your hand. By mobilizing your inventory, you can easily find any item in your database by entering an item number or description, or by scanning a barcode. This mobility allows for faster receiving and processing of your merchandise.
The benefits of a mobile point-of-sale also extend to your sales team. Putting merchandise information directly in their hands helps improve customer service. Sales associates can review product details, including price, description, category, subcategory, and stocking unit right from the sales floor.
If you’re out of stock at one store location, your associate can check quantities on hand, on order, and in transit across all of your retail locations to find the product for the customer.
Linking NCR Counterpoint mobile POS devices with inventory management software also helps to notify customers of merchandise availability. Knowing when items go out of stock or when they will next be available helps customers to make better and easier decisions when they’re ordering online.
Additionally, connecting these systems can help your employees make better merchandising decisions as it allows them to take inventory from an iOS device right from the store floor. Sales data from your store(s) need to be merged with mobile and online purchases in order to track the amount of new products needed to keep your shelves stocked.
Using an NCR Counterpoint mobile POS system has become a necessity to many retailers these days in order to provide quicker service to customers. By investing in mobile POS you can efficiently manage your inventory while saving time, money and you can ultimately take your business to the next level.
CounterPoint Mobile POS enables you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathered. In the store, out on the streets, at a tradeshow, anywhere! Or, maybe you want to simply have the flexibility to handle line busting during busy time or be able to check item price or inventory status anywhere. This is freedom in the palm of your hand; freedom powered by CP Mobile.

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