Retail Business and Challenging Customers — the Types and How You Can Deal With Them

Being a small business owner is not as easy as you continuously have to deal with people having various personalities. From dealing with the customers that are generally cheerful in nature, things escalate quickly when you have to deal with the ones that continuously throw in tantrums. While they make things difficult for you to bear, for all the right reasons, these “Difficult” to deal with customers can be categorized into two main types. From the traits that they possess to dealing with them efficiently, here is all that you need to know:

1. The Always Angry Customer:

It is never easy to deal with the customers that are always on the verge of throwing tantrums. Having difficulty in containing their emotions, such customers tend to create a scene that can be embarrassing for you to deal with. That being said, it is essential here to understand that while they are upset about anything that happened at your business, they are generally not distressed on you as a whole. While you may feel personally attacked being lectured by a stranger, here is what you can do to settle things peacefully:

  • Listen To Them:
    One of the most effective ways of dealing with a customer that is being inconsiderate and ranting about something is to actively listen. Instead of trying to counter them with statements in your defence, listening to them with undivided attention is what would help you get things calmed down quick!

2. The Irresolute Customer:

Dealing with the customers that are a sheer depiction of what procrastination looks like is a task that requires a lot of patience. Not only do they suck up on time, which you could have used to cater to other customers, but they can also test the best out of your patience and friendlier nature. However, there are still ways by which you can deal with them in a better fashion:

  • See Their Indecision as Opening:
    While the indecisive customers may seem as if they are taking up a lot on your time, it is always a better opportunity to turn the tables other ways around. Understanding the fact that their indecisiveness is undoubtedly a result of the lack of confidence, it is also crucial to realize that it is definitely not a reluctance to pay in for what they need. Hence, dealing them with patience and making sure that you question their answers well can certainly help you hit the sale that you were waiting on. Getting frustrated is not the key to progressiveness when you’re associated with a business that continually has to deal with people!
  • Know What They Need:
    It might sound not very easy, but once you get to know what your customer needs, chances are that you can deal with them in a much better fashion!
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