Retail: As Simple as a Smile

There are few industries as competitive – or cutthroat – as the retail industry. No matter what products you sell, or what demographics you target for your sales, there are competitors out there working hard every day to take away your customers. Since the retail business is as old as our use of currency, there have been literally thousands of studies conducted to help determine how to improve the process and increase sales. Studies in marketing, studies in displaying products, even studies in behavioral psychology designed to help retailers better understand the way a consumer’s mind works. To try to understand the mountain of data compiled from all of these studies would constitute an impossible exercise in complexity.

Instead of complicating things, we recommend just the opposite. Simplify the process!

Getting Back to Basics

Here are a few basic truths of the retail world:

1) Time is money. Every second that your employees spend on a task equates to money that your business is spending.
2) Happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees, and happy customers are more likely to buy than unhappy customers.

If you haven’t had a chance to review the NCR Counterpoint POS Software, then you’re missing out on a simple and affordable solution to address both of those basic truths. This retail management system streamlines so many of the different tasks that your employees perform every day.

Nobody Likes Lines

One of the biggest complaints heard from retail customers revolves around a slow checkout process. Not only does it make the customers in line think your business is inefficient, but customers who are shopping will often see a long line at the register and simply decide that they don’t want to waste their time waiting in line. The Counterpoint POS system delivers precision and speed to the checkout, which not only makes your customers happier, but your employees as well.

They Can’t Buy What They Can’t See

Another big issue that the Counterpoint software tackles is inventory management. In a brick and mortar retail establishment, if a customer doesn’t see the product they want on your shelves, the chances are good that they won’t ask an employee if there is any more in stock. They’ll just go check out your competitor. The Counterpoint POS System immediately lets you know when certain products are either out of stock or nearly out of stock on the floor, so your employees can move back-stock inventory out of the storeroom and back on the sales floor.

As Simple as a Smile

As noted above, the fastest way to put a customer in a buying mood is to put a smile on their face. The easiest way to achieve this is by having employees smiling at the customers. After all, smiling is contagious. By making your employees’ tasks easier, you make them happier. Additionally, the Counterpoint POS System is incredibly easy for even the most non computer-savvy employees to learn, which saves you time (read: money) on training and gives your sales team even more reason to smile.

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