Restaurateurs Guide to Attracting Generation Z

Today’s generation and the younger ones growing up have never lived in a world sans Snapchat and hashtags. Social networking is completely evolved the ways we communicate, entertain, and procrastinate—with 30% of our time stuck with our screens on these platforms.

Yeah, so?

Well, if there is anything that businesses must know by now, it’s that where there are eyeballs, there are prospective dollar signs. And social media for restaurants and food places makes the most sense, especially as it relates to the youth and generation Z, aka those that will bring dollars to your shop tomorrow.

Why not make that “tomorrow” your today?

For restaurants and food joints, the time is now to attract Gen Z foodies as they spent a major chunk of their money on food.

Now pair their Pair cash with an excess of summer or spring break free time, and you’ve got a huge opportunity to make yourself some dollars. Let’s explore how you can capture this group’s multi-billion-dollar eating-out budget with some insights into Gen Z social media usage.

Go Big On Influencers with Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to bring Gen Z dinners into your restaurant? By observing their conscious social media efforts.

Gen Z, who is always on the phones, are big on influencers. In fact, they have defined influencers by further four different categories: celebrities, influencers, micro-influencers, and in-between cultural shapers.

Do your research on relevant bloggers and foodie accounts in your area—then reach out to them. Partnering with these influencers to promote your restaurant will bring in more Gen Z customers as it will improve your caliber in the authenticity department.

Be Creative (And Punny) With Your Content

Gen Z has grown up constantly bombarded with social media/visual content. They are the generation of hashtags, puns for captions, and stickers and gifs in stories.

Beef up your social media strategy with creative campaigns built around user-generated content, videos, and more interactive posts like question stickers and polls on Facebook and Instagram stories. Be creative with both your food and social media content presentation as it is the only thing that will catch the eye of the audience you’re trying to appeal to.

Focus On Relevant Channels Only

Including only the right platforms for your restaurant’s social media strategy is the key to nail it. You don’t have to be on every network and platform just because it’s there.

If younger Gen Z audiences are your focus, then build your campaigns and efforts around platforms that are popular among them. This means YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and TIkTok are your way to go.

Build a Relationship; Encourage Sharing

The Gen Z diners are a “snap first, gulp later” lot. They are on the hunt of making new stores and snaps – especially the ones they can show off and get more likes/reshares on.

This generation lives for aesthetics. Pay attention to the interior and presentation of your space and make it as instagrammable as possible. Paint murals, put up pretty installations, make your restaurant colorful, kitschy, and irresistible – the coolest place in town – precisely. By capitalizing on the aesthetics of Gen Z, you will drive future business without even asking.

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