Prevention is Better than Cure: Employee Theft in Your Restaurant

When you’re running an establishment such as a restaurant, then you’re more likely to be flowing with cash by the end of the day. This is where some measures need to be taken into account to minimize theft and maximize profitability.

The first step to accomplish this task would be to hire personnel that possesses two traits; in particular, first, they must be well-acquainted with their job description and how to get the job done. Second, their credibility must not be vulnerable to any kind of ambiguity, as transparency is the key to running a successful restaurant.

What Goes Around, Comes Around:

By this, we mean your cash register, this is the Holy Grail when it comes to upholding all the financial integrity of your restaurant in one place. Since the cash register is most likely to be managed by your employees, then how would you keep a check on the influx of cash? A secure POS system is the answer to your dilemma as it would empower you to keep an eye on your register in real-time.

This information is also accompanied by other metrics such as detailed sales reports, inventory updates, and retail analytics that can be filtered out from daily to annually.

Surveillance Makes a Difference:

Monitoring is your one-stop destination to getting an insight into the more practical side of your restaurant. As a business owner, you would always be inclined towards the operational side of things as those are the primary factors running the show. But this conventional practice of restaurant owners often amounts to dead ends and losses.

This is where an effective POS system can make all the more difference to ensure that you never miss out on anything. This prevents not only employee thefts but also thefts in general as your POS system is synced with your live-action security cams to store footage for future references.

Accessibility at Your Fingertips:

You might be wondering as to how can accessibility reduce employee theft? The more you confine your activities to a smaller network or group of people, the easier it gets to narrow down on the culprit in case of an emergency or theft. For instance, the number of people who have access to your inventory or warehouse or even the central safe in your restaurant.
This not only helps you place trustworthy personnel in charge but also enables you to prevent any sort of unwanted circumstances that can harm the reputation of your restaurant or result in loss.


If you have an effective POS system up your sleeve such as NCR Counterpoint, then you would always be in touch with the latest developments of your business, whether it’s a business transaction or automated inventory replenishment along with real-time surveillance and integration into the on-board security cams for extensive coverage.

Basically, Counterpoint is everything that a growing restaurant needs and even more so as it is packed with a plethora of features that help you elevate the stature of your restaurant to the next level!

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