4 Important Ways Your POS System Can Help with Cross-Selling and Upselling

Having a reliable and efficient point of sale system in your store will not just ring up orders and purchases fast but will help keep your inventory accurate and updated. Unknown to many newbies in retail sales, a remarkable POS system is also of a huge benefit when it comes to cross-selling and upselling. It’s therefore valuable in bringing bigger sales to the table.

So how does it work? How can you actually make use of your POS system in cross-selling and upselling? Take a look at these 4 ways:

Display of Related Products

Newer POS software for both online and offline shops are helpful in displaying other products that are related to what a customer is buying. For instance, when an online buyer checks out with a laptop, he or she may see earphones and laptop cases on the screen. The images may pique interest or encourage them to add one or two to their cart before proceeding with the purchase.

Let’s say a customer in your brick and mortar music shop is about to buy a guitar. The employee sitting behind the counter will be able to see on the screen not just guitar accessories but also more expensive versions of the item. This will provide him or her the opportunity to do an upsell too. Added features can be mentioned to convince the paying customer.

Many POS systems today are able to do this, immediately giving direct contact staff to provide good suggestions or recommendations with all the specifications. And in the case of online retail stores, engaging pictures and text plus the right layout are bound to do the trick.

Customer Buying History

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly view a customer’s buying history in order to have a better idea about his or her interests? Well, this can also be possible with a great POS system.

Businesses get to record and keep track of not just previous items bought by particular customers but also of what they have viewed in the past. When this happens, retailers can easily boost cross-selling and upselling opportunities without turning off the buyers. It’s a great way to build rapport and enhance relationships while getting to know customers more.

Visible Promos and Offers

You’ve probably come across a store or perhaps a grocery in which a LCD screen is facing the customers in queue at the checkout counter. Oftentimes, it only shows the items being purchased and the prices. But with an advanced POS system, you can incorporate this hardware to make various promos and offers visible!

What if someone is about to buy just a box of low-calorie crackers, but is suddenly shown an offer of two boxes of the exact same crackers given at a cheaper price? Or what if this health-conscious individual sees a promo on the screen— buy the crackers and a particular non-fat dip together to get a free health club coupon? Well, you guessed right. The person would probably give in.

In such scenarios, the POS software plays an enormous and vital role in increasing the sales. What’s even better is that others in queue who may be interested in the same thing will also see the different offers flashing on the screen.

Easy Email Integration

With an innovative POS system like our very own NCR CounterPoint, it’s possible as well to enjoy easy email integration. Emails can instantly be sent to customers to thank them for purchases, inform them about ongoing promos and upcoming products, and also to remind them about the items they have viewed before.

Emailing customers is a great way to maintain a good relationship while urging them to consider your cross-sell and upsell options. Indeed this is a tried and tested marketing strategy that can give you wonderful results.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the POS system we have created for businesses like yours and start reaping the benefits ASAP!

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