POS Systems Lack Transparency with Cyber Attacks

If the recent cyber attack on Target Stores that compromised millions of credit- and debit-card numbers last holiday season isn’t proof enough of the vulnerability of point-of-sale systems, then perhaps nothing is.

Results of a recent survey were released by the research firm Vanson Bourne and revealed that POS systems are lacking in transparency when it comes to cyber attacks – meaning that many organizations that run POS systems for credit-card payments are not even aware of vulnerabilities or attacks on their systems.

Perhaps the most disturbing finding of the survey was that seven in 10 people surveyed said they had no way of knowing if their POS system had been compromised or even targeted, with only 20 percent saying they had confidence that their POS systems had not been hacked. Only about half expressed confidence that the security measures they had in place were sufficient to prevent targeting or actual attacks.

A couple other key findings:

  • Nearly 75 percent of POS systems in the survey were still running Windows XP, even as Microsoft ended support for it more than three months ago. And only about 22 percent said they have plans to replace XP.
  • More than 75 percent admitted that system downtime was their top worry, with only about half claiming financial loss from an attack as their No. 1 concern.

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