Plan for a Profitable Holiday Season with NCR Counterpoint POS

A friend of mine told me yesterday that she has all of her holiday gifts purchased and wrapped already. I was flabbergasted!

When I questioned her intent in doing this so early, she replied that she wants to enjoy the spirit of the holiday season without the stress of all of the last-minute chores that must be done.

I see things differently; I enjoy the hustle and bustle, the special displays, the music of the season, looking at everything before I decide to buy that one perfect gift.

I must admit that it tires me out, but, after all, it’s a season that comes just once a year! If you’re a retailer, however, it pays to “get your ducks in order” before the start of the season. NCR Counterpoint POS does that for you!

Your inventory, for example, must not only be adequately stocked with products that are most likely to sell, but must also be accurate, with clear descriptions that are easily accessible and with prompts that suggest add-on’s for customer convenience..

Having gift-card availability is another “do ahead” that can be set up prior to the “crunch” that will help dramatically in increasing holiday sales. What better option is there for gifting the friend or family member whose needs are unknown?

NCR’s Counterpoint POS Software has features that can help you with inventory, gift cards, and many other aspects of your retail business that will steer you toward your sales goals for the holidays and beyond.

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