POS Physical Security- Keeping Your POS Terminals Safe and Secure

A Point of Sale (POS) system effectively serves as the backbone of your retail business. Whether you have signed up for a mobile POS using an iPad or through modern touch screen POS interface, a POS system gets the job done in automating retail transactions and providing retailers with real time tracking of sales, customer performance and inventory movements.

Since this is a critical system that works for the retail environment, it is also important that this receives proper care and attention. An intrusion into the system or even physical tampering on the terminals and its cables can be disastrous to the POS systems and can even compromise data. Don’t put your retail store out in the open, adapt a pro-active stance and secure your POS from unauthorized access and tampering. Here are some of the best practices that you can implement when securing the POS systems in the retail environment.

Secure and protect the POS terminals against unauthorized tampering or removal

The terminals should be properly secured in the stands, backed by alarms to ensure its security. Also, the terminals and related devices should be positioned in areas that are easy to check and inspect.

Check for hidden cameras

Monitoring and tracking the POS terminals and the transactions using cameras and recorders are accepted, provided these are coming from your end and in line with the efforts to secure the facilities. But if there’s another party that’s tracking the POS terminals and transactions, well that’s another thing. Criminals have become bold and creative in their efforts to snoop on personal and financial details, especially when customers are entering their PIN. As a retailer, it’s important to verify that there are no other cameras that are installed in the area. Check for areas that are potential spots for these cameras like product displays, also don’t forget to check the ceiling.

Use CCTV cameras as ‘deterrents’

A tested crime deterrent is the use of CCTV systems that are positioned in strategic places in the retail store. These cameras and recorders can be used to record the activities at the terminals, but not to the point that even the PIN-enabled transactions will be captured.

Retain CCTV recordings for at least 90 days

Captured videos can help track best practices, monitor customer and employee movements. Recordings can also serve as records of illegal activities, thus can be used as evidences in the courts. The recorded videos should be regularly reviewed as a way of checking if the security protocol has been faithfully implemented. If there are observed lapses in security protocol, then that’s the time that these should be reviewed.

Protecting and securing your POS starts in your retail store. With an effective and comprehensive physical security in place, your POS system can automate transactions and track inventory movements securely and ensure that customer transactions and information are in safe hands.

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