Payment Security and Solutions with NCR Counterpoint POS

NCR Counterpoint offers integrated credit card processing with our payment gateway and preferred payment processor gives you a seamless experience with heightened security and transparent pricing.
Importance of Payment Security
Big box stores aren’t the only ones affected by security breaches; retailers of all sizes need to be aware of how to protect their businesses. Credit Card data breaches are expensive – even a modest exposure of 50 customer credit card numbers can result in unplanned costs of $10,000 or more in penalties, fees, time expenditure, and, the most difficult to quantify: your reputation. Navigating the payment security world with buzzwords like Point-to-Point Encryption, Tokenization, and EMV can feel overwhelming. All this and more with NCR Counterpoint POS.
NCR Secure Pay – A PCI-DSS Compliant and Secure Electronic Payment Gateway
To protect your business NCR created an electronic payment gateway, NCR Secure Pay, to help minimize your risk for a credit card security breach by addressing the 2 key elements of payment security: data storage and data transmission. Transmission of cardholder data between your POS system and the credit card payment processor can be an area of weakness that cyber criminals target. Here are a few NCR Secure Pay benefits.
Minimize Your Risk
NCR Secure Pay allows you to process credit card payments is a PCI-DSS compliant manner. NCR takes the storage of sensitive card information out of your local system and move it to the NCR Secure Pay host data center to minimize the change of credit card breach. Point to Point Encryption further reduces your exposure by securing sensitive information during transmission.
Store Data Securely
Instead of storing sensitive credit card information in your store’s database, NCR Secure Pay uses a process called tokenization to store a code, or token, in its place. The actual card information is encrypted and stored on NCR network environment. The token allows authorized users access to transaction information as needed for returns and other operations while maintaining a protected system.
Transmit Encrypted Data
Using Point-to-Point Encryption, NCR Secure Pay encrypts credit card data from the moment the card is swiped by your customer. This process ensures that sensitive card information is encrypted throughout its lifecycle in your environment and minimizes the risk of an unauthorized user scraping that credit card data from database memory. A green box with a padlock will appear on your POS screen when the data has been encrypted and is being transferred securely.
Automated Credit Card Settlements
With card information removed from your database and secured on a separate host, you have flexibility with credit card settlements. Automate your settlements to happen daily at the time of your choosing or settle transactions remotely using the NCR Secure Pay merchant portal.
NCR Counterpoint POSis the most flexible, powerful, and advanced retail management software in today’s market. This software is essential for retailers who need to maintain a high level of operational efficiency at store to multi-store level and corporate headquarter level. Utilizing tight inventory control, price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, vendor relationship, and employee management will accelerate many aspects of your business

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