Omni-Channel Retailing with NCR Counterpoint

Adapting to the changes in retail technology NCR Counterpoint POS has provided the necessary systems’ software to successfully adjust to the retail revolution. The world of eCommerce has exploded over the past 20 years into a thriving industry that aims to make shopping experiences easier and more effective.

With the advent of new technologies as well in-store and internet-based purchases, even the smallest merchants can sell to customers all over the world. Don’t think that all of this means the end for brick-and-mortar locations, though. This just means merchants need to sell across multiple channels to continue growing and competing.

The evolution of multi-channel selling and operating has become a new industry term and trend called Omni-Channel Retailing. More and more businesses are creating new ways to approach seamless consumer experiences by combining multiple shopping channels.

These channels include in-store, the internet, mobile devices, home computers, TV, radio, direct mail, catalogs, and more.

Before omni-channel, merchants were tailoring the customer experience to each channel specifically. Today, the goal is to integrate these channels and make the shopping experience consistent.

What this means to the shopper is the ability to begin in one channel and jump to another fluidly with few or no bumps in the process. For example, a shopper may look at a website on a mobile device, add an item to his cart, but not complete the purchase. Later, when he gets home, he logs on to his home computer to review the product, but still decides to hold off on purchasing.

A day later, if he still hasn’t made a purchase decision, the merchant can send the shopper an automated email encouraging him to purchase and maybe even offer a coupon. The shopper was able to move from one device to another, easily access the site and their cart, as well as receive interaction from the merchant.

NCR Counterpoint point of sale (POS) system is the most flexible, powerful, and advanced retail management software in today’s market. This software is essential for retailers who need to maintain a high level of operational efficiency at store to multi-store level and corporate headquarter level. Utilizing tight inventory control, price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, vendor relationship, and employee management will accelerate many aspects of your business.

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