NCR Counterpoint POS Software Makes it Easier to Run Your Business

How can you make your business easier to run? How can you make the shopping and buying experience of your customers and clients even easier, more pleasant?

NCR CounterPoint POS has the answers to these questions.

Easy Retail Sales Transactions Equal Happy Customers

Customers want fast, easy and accurate sales transactions. In fact, this is what they deserve. The better you are at providing this to your customers and clients, they healthier your business will be.

NCR CounterPoint touchscreen POS is quick and easy to use. Moreover, the touchscreen devices secure all transactional information so that your customers’, clients’, and business’s information remains safe at all times.

Inventory Management Driven by Real-Time Data

When you know exactly what you have in inventory and how long each item has been there, inventory management becomes much easier. NCR CounterPoint helps you manage inventory by showing you what sells and what doesn’t. This will help you make decisions that have historically been tough: directing resources to departments that produce from departments that don’t. You may even come to find that some of your business’s departments ought to be closed.

Real Time Sales Data Increase in Sales

Having real time sales data at your fingertips makes increasing sales much easier than ever before. After all, when you know what is selling and when it is selling you can plan ahead by ordering inventory before you run out of hot-selling items, scheduling staff to work during your busiest periods, and posting them at those areas of your business that bring in the most sales.

NCR CounterPoint POS puts this real-time information at your fingertips. It is so effective that Paul Bonarrigo, Co-Owner and Manager, Messina Hof Winery and Resort, said:

We experienced a huge boost when we implemented NCR CounterPoint POS and NCR Retail Online.  We achieved a 40% gain in sales due to the fact that we could manage our site more easily and the customer experience was so much better.

Empower Your Customers, Make Your Business More Productive

One of the greatest benefits to using an NCR CounterPoint POS system is that it empowers your clients and customers to make their own decisions. They will be able to view all of your products, services and options at the swipe of a finger, which makes it more likely that they will make the purchase.

The happy flipside to giving your customers this type of power is that it frees up your sales associates. No more will they need to check in the back or otherwise help customers and clients come to a decision. This saves you and your business both time and money. Talking about just that, Nick Marziliano, Owner, Sam’s Italian Deli, said:

NCR CounterPoint Retail Online improved staff productivity for our business. It used to take 20 or 30 minutes to take a phone order; now all of that is handled online.  Our customers can review options and process orders themselves.

Ease of Use

NCR Counterpoint software and hardware is largely plug-and-play. Moreover, the hardware that sales associates most use, the touch-screen POS, has been designed to be so easy to use that most folks can simply pick one up and start using it with no training whatsoever.

NCR CounterPoint POS is so easy to us that Mike Spitzer, IT Manager of Bohme, Inc. Women’s Apparel & Accessories, said:

NCR CounterPoint is the only company in the marketplace offering out-of-the-box POS software that enables you to track real-time sales and analyze how items are moving at each stores.


Although POS Highway strives to keep its products as simple as possible, it understands that sometimes people need to be trained. This is offers free NCR CounterPoint training that includes a tutorial program, online training videos, software installation services, and NCR CounterPoint tech support.

POS Highway is in the business of making your business easier to run.

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