Motivating Employees Using POS Data

No matter the selection or the quality of your product, it’s your sales personnel who closes or loses the sale. In order to ensure the success of your business, tracking your employee’s productivity is essential. Your POS software can do that for you.

Finding ways to motivate your employees is made much easier when you are able to track sales by the salesperson. Often a bonus driven or in store competition is a healthy and fun way to boost morale and sales.
Determining who is behind on sales and who is consistently leading in sales numbers is the first step to a successful incentive program. Accurate numbers and information will set the stage for you to evaluate and track your employees’ sales.

You can use your POS to track:
Sales totals for each rep or cashier
Sales totals for each register
Sales commissions
Forecasted sales based on salesperson
Daily sales transaction details by cashier or department
Top sales reps or cashiers
Top customers
Lost sales

POS can also be used to help maintain a happy and repeat customer base.
Web-based software gives sales associates immediate access to customer information at other stores. This information can give valuable insight and data regarding a customer’s preferences and purchase history. This knowledge enables sales associates. POS systems enable sales associates to access information about customer’s previous purchases so that they may assist them better or provide them with information for up selling opportunities at the point of sale. Even at the point of sale, a sales associate can quickly identify a customer’s purchasing habits and make suggestions based on their past purchases.

POS Highway has all the tools you need to implement a point of sales solution to not only steam line your business but to motivate your employees and increase sales.

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