Mobile POS for the Up and Coming Entrepreneur

You work full time doing a thankless job that wears your patience thin, and you ask yourself every day why you bother. Someone has to pay the mortgage, right? Someone has to put food on the table, right? But still you daydream about traveling and one day running your own business.

To take some of the pressure off and to help you unwind from a stressful week on the job, you take to your favorite hobby. Perhaps you like to make jewelry, or make delectable baked goods. You never really thought you could go into business for yourself, but you like doing it, and every now and then you host a little gathering with your best friends (who hopefully bring other friends) to see if you can sell some of your wares. You’ll take cash or checks for your sales because you have no other way of collecting the funds.

And waiting for checks to clear is nothing short of painstaking. Do people even write checks anymore? If only you could take credit cards, or have some sort of mobile point of sale system that you can trust, you know your sales would increase tenfold. If only.

There are actually many mobile POS systems available for the weekend hobbyist like yourself. And having a mobile POS system could open a lot more doors for you, and perhaps allow you to take the leap from thankless nine to five, to small business owner. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

But how does it work? And is it safe? Is it secure? How would I keep from being hacked? How do I keep my customers’ information safe? These are all great questions. And thankfully, ones with answers.

The latest technology for mobile POS is available through NCR certified CounterPoint Mobile Software. But what does NCR certified mean? NCR is an acronym that once stood for National Cash Register, now it’s simply NCR Corporation and they create software and hardware technology to make life easier for the retailer and business owner.

By using NCR CounterPoint Mobile POS technology, you can take your small operation on the road, to the beach, to art shows, and county fairs. Your options are virtually limitless with a mobile POS unit. Set up camp with a table or even a smartphone, and you’ll be well on your way.

As long as the product you make is of good quality, and you have a good marketing strategy and business plan, you can say goodbye to that godforsaken cube farm and fluorescent lighting, and hello to setting your own hours and your own locations.

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