Mobile Point of Sale with NCR Counterpoint

With NCR Counterpoint you can run your business from the sales floor as you help customers find products and ring up sales right on the spot. Mobility also allows you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathering: events, sidewalk sales, and trade shows.

Manage Your Inventory

Manage your inventory right from your hand as NCR Counterpoint Mobile lets you perform physical counts, adjustments and receive without a PO. NCR Counterpoint Mobile gives you instant inventory visibility letting you check prices, availability, and quantities across all of your stores. Count your inventory with your iOS devices and export counts to NCR Counterpoint.

Sell Anywhere

Complete an entire ticket, from start to finish, on your iOS device. Scan items, take payments, and print or e-mail the receipt. Put sales on hold and recall them later. Take returns, place orders, and apply discounts. It’s like having an entire point of sale terminal in the palm of your hand.

Increase Mobility & Connect with Customers

Physical location no longer has to be a barrier between you and your customers. NCR Counterpoint Mobile puts your customer records – including recent purchases and loyalty points – at your fingertips, letting you give your customers a more personal experience. You can also create customer records on the spot to connect with new customers or clients.

NCR Counterpoint Mobile POS enables you to sell your products wherever your customers are gathered. In the store, out on the streets, at a tradeshow, anywhere! Or, maybe you want to simply have the flexibility to handle line busting during busy time or be able to check item price or inventory status anywhere. This is freedom in the palm of your hand; freedom powered by NCR Counterpoint Mobile.

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