Mobile Customer Bases Require Mobile Payment Solutions

With a more mobile customer base, it is becoming more and more vital to be a mobile sales person and a more mobile business.

Maybe we have a physical retail location, but we find that we need to be able to move around freely and conduct transactions away from a nailed-down point-of-sale counter.

If you conduct some or much of your business on an iPad orf iPhone, you can quickly and easily turn it into a point-of-sale device right in the palm of your hand with this credit-card reader for an NCR system.

This device, which attaches to your iPad or iPhone, will allow you to swipe many credit and debit cards to process transactions wherever your customer is located – so you can meet him or her where they are instead of making them go to a specific location within the store.

This can increase the efficiency of your store and ultimately increase sales productivity and lessen the wait time in line. Improve your productivity and be as mobile as your customers with this handy credit-card reader!

By POS Highway Staff | September 13th, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

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