Built for the garden industry, our lawn and garden point of sale software at NCR Counterpoint allows you to track your extensive inventory, manage vendors, automate purchasing, and use hardware designed to withstand the elements.

Track Alternate Units

With NCR Counterpoint POS you can track units by the size, color, and packaging, such as individual or flats of plants, for inventory, ordering, and reporting. Unlimited bar codes allow you to track the items sold from multiple vendors, such as seed packets.

Accounts Receivable Functionality

Flexibility is especially important when working with a wide range of customers and vendors. Provide landscapers and contractors with quotes for specific jobs and the ability to pay on account.  They can track products by client and make payments after the job is complete.

Retail Hardened Hardware

NCR Counterpoint has created the perfect hardware that’s built to withstand outdoor elements such as direct sunlight and soil. Your investment is well protected with waterproof and fade-resistant labels for outdoor inventory.

Customized Forms

Print and customize forms to include specific information, such as growing or planting instructions on labels and invoices. Print a particular form when certain items are sold.

The NCR Counterpoint POS system is the most flexible, powerful, and advanced retail management software in today’s market. This software is essential for retailers who need to maintain a high level of operational efficiency at store to multi-store level and corporate headquarter level. Utilizing tight inventory control, price-optimization, customer satisfaction initiatives, vendor relationship, and employee management will accelerate many aspects of your business.