Keeping Touch Screens Clean and Functional

If you plan to use a touch screen Point of Sale (POS) system to boost your productivity and checkout speed, you must consider a few factors to keep your touch screen system for an extended period of time. Touch screen materials, placement and maintenance all contribute to the function and to the life expectancy of your touch screen.

For the optimal life of a touch screen, choose one with a matte, anti-reflective surface that stands up to oil and grime. Also make sure to use surface cleaners recommended by the touch screen manufacturer. They have knowledge of the product and test results that show the cleaners that work best with your specific touch screen. Keep a canister of compressed air on hand, and blow dust away periodically to keep air vents clear and functioning well.

Test the touch screen in the work area for a period before you start using it for daily use. During this test period, make adjustments to the placement of the screen for the least amount of wear and tear on the touch screen and supporting brackets of the touch screen. Ask about platform supports from your sales representative if you need a way to get the touch screen closer to a good eye level.

With a little time investment on touch screen materials, placement and maintenance, your touch screen POS system endures well over time—even with multiple users. So make the time for these important factors, and your time investment makes a big impact on your touch screen POS budget over the long haul.

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