Increase Customer Satisfaction By Using a Touch Screen Interface for POS

Retailers are now making the shift to touch screen computers for their Point of Sale (POS) systems for all the right reasons. The use of touch screen computers can help simplify transactions, create convenience for store attendants and of course adds a modern and ‘hip vibe’ for your store’s POS terminals.

Touch screen is an alternative to traditional desktop computer with keyboard. Instead of the bulky keyboard, the sales attendant can work on the intuitive touch screen interface to enter the products or services selected in the system. Also, the software for retail can be customized to meet your products and services offered.

This new technology offers simple select and touch-based transactions, making this an obvious choice for many retailers. Aside from these benefits, you can count on a few more benefits.

Touch screen interface offers faster service- Touch screen interface paves the way for faster transactions since there are less buttons on display and these are easier to find. In the restaurant industry, menu items are represented by buttons or images that can be touched, thus helping cut time.

Also, different screen sizes are available include 15” and 17” touch screen sizes so store attendants will not have a hard time encoding and processing orders. If you can slice a few seconds in transactions, it could mean a lot to customers.

Saves space and less messy- With traditional cash registers and computers, you’ll need ample space to accommodate the bulky computers and keyboards. This is not the case with touch screen monitors since these can already function without the keyboards.

You’ll end up saving precious space since the touch screen computers for POS already incorporate the cash drawer ports, serial, USB with the computer and touch screen. Also, the touch screen hardware is also easy to clean with a simple wipe using a clean cloth to get rid of thumb marks and prints.

Requires easy training and mastery- Because these terminals are intuitively designed using buttons and images, employees can easily learn the ropes and have fun completing the transactions.

Touch screen interface puts a new spin into your POS system. It’s hip, fun and easy to use and offers customers with an improved business experience, something every retailer aspires to achieve.

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