Improving Customer Relations in Retail

Good customer service is essential to good business, however according to a recent study conducted by Genesys, companies lose close to 338 billion dollars in revenue each year due to poor customer relations. In a retail environment, effective communication with the consumer is even more crucial.

The employees that build the best rapport with customers may not all be born people pleasers, however they do all share the same basic skills. Patience is at the forefront of these skills, demanding that the retail associate exhibit calmness and composure to assist the customer with the problem they are facing. Understanding that the customer has a genuine concern or curiosity that they require assistance with is a vital step in answering the question at hand with acuity.

It is also essential that the employee be knowledgeable about the product or service that they are promoting, and be able to easily answer any questions or concerns. If the employee is unable to assist the customer, it is important that have insight into where to turn for the best possible answer. Efficiency is the key to keeping a customer from losing interest. If the employee is unable to help them or refer them to someone who may be able to assist them in a timely manner, business could be lost.

Finally, a satisfactory closure is the most significant step in assisting a customer. Associates should make sure that they have answered all questions and concerns to the fullest extent. A customer should feel that their problems were solved easily and quickly, and feel at ease and excited to come back to the store in the future. Retail associates should remember that they are the face of the company and a direct reflection of how they do business. Taking pride in their work and their ability to help others is the most lucrative skill they can possess.

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