Training The Trainers: 5 Reasons Why It’s Important To Do

Nobody in the business world can deny the fact that training is highly essential in order to continuously coach, prepare, and coach your biggest asset in the company– the employees.

Whether it’s a small online shop or a huge multi-branch retail company that you are currently in, surely you’ll see the great need to efficiently train the trainers. These trainers may refer to supervisors, managers, actual training department staff, and even the owners.

Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s very important to train your trainers well:


No matter how impressive a trainer’s communication skills are or how talented he or she in formulating appropriate and effectual activities in class, nothing much will be achieved if there is no mastery of the topic to be discussed and taught.

You cannot train your trainers just once if they have several topics to cover at different periods. What if you’ve recently purchased new business software that hundreds of employees will soon be using? Then it would be easier to have a couple of trainers master the technicalities and other pertinent info rather than trying to teach everyone at the same time.


Trainers need to be effective in delivering their sessions. This means not just mastery of the subject at hand, but also the ability to employ a variety of teaching strategies and to carry them out well. When you have your trainers trained properly, it will help them learn how to be more effective in class as they utilize varying activities that are enjoyable, suitable, and valuable.

Being an effective trainer also entails knowing how to correctly address questions and come up with the right kinds of assessments to evaluate the students’ learning.


Let’s say you have a topnotch trainer in your company. You’ve seen him in class and truly appreciate how he plans and delivers lessons. However, he doesn’t show much concern for slow learners or slacking students. He is also often seen flirting with some of the students and getting involved in shouting matches or even brawls outside of the office.

Now this is where role and responsibility come in. With sufficient and excellent training, your trainers will be able to realize just how major their role is not just in ensuring proper operations but also in promoting the core values of the company. Trainers are representative of the company image. What’s more, they ought to internalize the huge responsibility that comes with the influence they have on employees.


Just like in a regular school classroom, it’s true that “one size can’t fit all”. This means that a teacher will not be efficient if the exact same lesson plan is used for two classes with different learning styles and preferences.

It’s therefore just as important for your trainers to develop great adaptability or flexibility. They have to be able to handle both the smart and the not-so-brilliant trainees. They must be able to deal with the jokers, know-it-alls, and troublemakers in class. And when there are changes, they should be well-equipped to come up with adjustments and solutions.


Having your trainers trained is practical because you get to shell out a smaller price rather than if you have all the staff members trained outside of the company. What’s more, it’s less of a hassle too because you won’t have to require a large number of people to be excused from regular operations.

Indeed these top 5 reasons should encourage you to look into having your trainers trained very well. For instance, if you’ll be availing of the latest POS system for your retail stores, you can ask specific individuals to attend the training for this so that they will be able to pass it on to the others.

You’re even luckier if you choose a product that comes with plenty of training materials and sessions without any charge! Our very own NCR CounterPoint offers free online training videos, a tutorial program, tech support, and more.

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