How to Protect Your POS Systems and Build a Resilient Retail Business

If you think that all Point of Sale (POS) systems are all 101-percent secure, well think again. Not all software tools and solutions are safe, and it includes the reliable POS systems for retail businesses.
Threats are everywhere, and there’s a chance that your system will be compromised which can affect your company’s bottom-line. For example, Target reported that its POS systems have been compromised from November 27 to December 15 last year. According to the same report, roughly 40 million credit and debit card numbers ‘may have been compromised’. The company has already reported the incident, but there’s no denying the impact this has made-POS systems are not perfect after all and it pays to be ready. Here are some tested approaches on how to secure your POS system for your retail business.

Regularly update the passwords for the system- Software providers will temporarily use basic passwords as default but make sure you immediately change these. Replace these immediately and come up with complex combination of numbers and letters for passwords. And make sure that these passwords are only given to those who need to directly access the POS systems.

Limit internet and POS use- The POS terminals are just for retail usage and should only be used by employees authorized to access the terminals. By limiting its use, you can at least minimize the risk of exposing the passwords to unauthorized personnel and the general public. If possible, don’t promote remote access of the POS terminals. Remote access means an employee of your retail business can log into the system and use it even if he is not physically present. Criminals can easily exploit this kind of arrangement.

Tap into firewall and antivirus software- Add a layer of protection for your POS system by installing a firewall. With a firewall in place, you can easily prevent unauthorized access into your network. With this kind of protection, you minimize the risk of viruses and worms getting into your POS system. Your antivirus software can help restrict traffic and take down malicious visits that can take down or compromise your system.

Don’t just install a POS system; secure and maintain the system on a regular basis. Risks are always present and its best to protect your POS at all times to secure your retail business.

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