How To Piggyback Facebook For More Followers

The Facebook Piggyback Method

Anyone who’s ever tried to get reach on Facebook knows one thing: It’s freakin’ tedious. Getting organic likes to your Facebook page? That’s on a whole different level.

I have some good news for you, though. I’m going to show you a technique that’s more effective than any you’ve read before. This is especially for people who’ve just started a brand new FB page.

This isn’t your typical post with the same methods we hear about, over and over again. You know the ones: cross-platforming, Facebook Ads, group engagement, Facebook outreach, etc.

Now, I won’t lie. These methods can, and if done properly, will help. The problem is, they’re time-consuming with a low return. Nobody wants to spend hours a day for a few measly likes.

There is a much faster, far more effective way. A way which will take you no more than 10-30 minutes a day. I call it, the Facebook PiggyBack Method (FPM).

Page-to-Page Engagement Is The Key

The goal of the FPM is to interact with other Facebook pages with your Facebook page.

You want to find pages in the same industry (niche or sub-niche) as yours. For example, if you’re in the men’s shoe industry, you’ll want to find pages based on–you guessed it–men’s shoes.

Use Facebook’s search feature to collect a nice list of the best pages. You can then use these pages over and over again.

What qualifies as page as being “the best?” Let me tell you.

Find Facebook Pages That Receive TONS Of Engagement (Shares, Likes, Comments, etc.) You not only want to find pages in your industry, you’ll want to find pages that are active. This is crucial.

Find one of their posts that have a high engagement. Now, the trick is to make a comment in one of these posts. Everyone who engaged in that post will receive a notification.

The point is to make a comment that will get visitors to go to your page. This is how you will get 30 likes a day in a short amount of time. Of course, you can spend with this method to gain even more Fb page likes a day.

What Type Of Comments Should I Add?

You’ll want to add quality comments; comments that will earn Likes and will entice readers to visit your page. Some good examples:

Memes: Create a good meme, funny or clever. If you can’t create one yourself, use Google to find one somebody else has created.

Controversy: Nothing gets a reaction quite like controversy. Make a claim that stirs up emotions and makes readers HAVE to reply. This is even more effective if you back your claim up with a strong argument.

Helpful Advice:Toss in some knowledge that makes you out to be an authority on the subject.

Questions: Ask thought-provoking questions. This will help you become the center of discussion.

Key Takeaways and Best Practices

  • Post 3-5 times a day (unless you’re running a news-based page, in which case you should post as often as the current news demands).
  • Post from other sites that have high domain authority. (not always true).
  • Post from sites that are trending (viral).
  • Post from sites that have high comment engagement.
  • Change up the post. Upload vids, change page cover, link site, upload a photo…
  • Use #hashtags. Use ones that aren’t overused by other people. Or your post will be down the bottomless pit of the list. It’ll get minimal reach. (Use two hashtags to optimize views).
  • Use insights to find out what time your audience is one and get the most reach. I’ve got good reach at low and high peaks of time.
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