10 Ways Get Employees to Work Efficiently

Acknowledge The Good, Don’t Only Point Out The Bad

Always try to compliment the good.

Even when you can clearly see that employee isn’t performing at his or her best.

By offering a sense of praise, you can then go about boosting morale in positive ways. If you just limelight the negative, it can be hard to find motivation. The good, on the other hand, gives them something to fuel them into the future.

We can say that, for sure, spotlighting the good can help employees see themselves in a better light.

And everyone wants to be in good lighting, right?

Properly Train Your Employees

A poorly trained employee is more likely to be negative — that’s just a fact.

So, by building a fine-tuned staff, you can foster a positive work environment. Especially considering that habits are easier to learn than they are to break.

Retail management is a business founded on good habits, after all.

Offer Constructive Criticism

People who say they’re “just brutally honest” are just that — brutal.

There are ways you can go about criticizing your employees without destroying their spirits, in doing so. Having been in retail management for so long now, we can tell you nothing good comes from being mean.

Like the old wives’ tale goes: You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Think of your employees’ morales as the metaphorical flies.

However, that’s not to say you should ignore the bad either. We can attest to the fact that giving a blind eye to the negative can have detrimental effects to you and your team. But it’s how you go about addressing the bad that makes all the difference.

Lead with the sweeter, more kind notes first. Follow them with the less sweet, more constructive critiques second.

Regardless, aim to be balanced — and not just a bottle of apple cider vinegar.

Acknowledge When You Are Angry

Being constantly angry never got anybody, anywhere.

But, hey, sometimes we all need a bit of a reminder working in retail management. We’ve all lost our tempers on the rare occasion.

That being said:

It’s important to always center yourself after a burst of anger. And counteract it by acknowledging that it, indeed, happened. Don’t let that energy work its way into your workforce.

By acknowledging the outburst and making amends for it, you can stop that negativity dead in its tracks.

By not operating from an angry place, you can build back up your team’s morale.

Limit Phone Use

Smartphones have become the way of the land.

But that’s not to say that we should be on them 24/7. In fact, studies show that heavy phone use can actually sadden the user.

People tend to spend nearly three hours a day on social media. And a large part of that is on comparing and contrasting themselves with others. It’s the nature of the beast, quite frankly.

So why not aim to tame said beast while your team’s at work? By limiting phone use, you can make sure your employees are focused and present.

Treat Others How You Would Like To Be Treated

It should go without saying that you should treat people warmly and kindly, including your employees.

By being an example of kindness, empathy, and generosity, you can help restore morale. After all, kindness is contagious.

And it’s a bug we all should catch, right?

Conduct Performance Reviews

Dedicating time to give a detailed review an employee’s performance shows you are interested and care about your employees.

By performing regular performance reviews for your employees, you can give regular feedback. And that feedback can be presented in such a way that can help boost the morale of your team members.

Who doesn’t like getting good news back, right?

Personalized Incentives And Motivational Messages

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

By offering your employees incentives, absent of monetization, you can boost morale amongst your team members.

These can be such things like gift cards to their favorite restaurant or retailer. Or even just a well-written note from you, praising their efforts is a welcomed treat to an employee.

By focusing on personalizing those incentives and messaging, you can assure your employees feel noticed. And that they matter.

Notice When Someone Is Struggling And Course Correct

We can’t all be on top of our game, 24/7.

And that’s OK. No one’s perfect.

By acknowledging when someone’s not performing as well as they should, you can intervene to prevent demoralizing downfalls. Rather than repeating the same thing that’s not working for them, you can guide that employee in a different direction.

And, by doing so, can help them perform at their best

Offer Tools To Help Better Their Spirits

YouTube is a digital goldmine for motivational lectures.

Life is better when you can share it, after all.

The same exact sentiment can be said about how to boost morale. Offer your team members seminars and webinars they can take to help them stand a bit straighter. Recommend books, email them motivational talks.

Lead By Example With Your Retail Management Experience

Being a retail manager, think of yourself as the ship’s captain.

If you look stressed and under motivated, what does that say to your fellow shipmates? Well, to put it bluntly:

It says they, too, should feel that way.

Take responsibility for what you’re projecting to the world. It can make all the difference.

Want to share other insights on how to boost your employees’ morale in retail management? Feel free to reach out to us!


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