How a POS Can Improve Your Winery Production Process

Can technology improve the winery production process? This is a question that gets asked a lot. The simple answer to this would be a ‘yes’. Technology can help improve the production process by allowing you to carry out ‘precision winemaking’.

Precision Winemaking

What is precision winemaking? It is a process that incorporates strict control of experimental variables to allow you to investigate the winemaking process. The experimental variables include precision mixing regimens, ability to clean, and temperature control.

Being more specific about whether or not technology improves the winemaking process, technology in winemaking allows winemakers to interpret a process and make wine more efficiently. There are many variables that affect the overall quality of winemaking and technology must be used with them in mind to ensure the production of good wines.

Digitize Winery Production Management with Tablet Technology

In addition to the above, you may want to consider digitizing your winery with production management software. A tablet would suffice for this purpose. With an iPad POS, you can transform your tablet a Mobile Point of Sale. Our winery POS system gives you the freedom and flexibility to take order and process payments wherever you have a presence. But, here is the important bit—iPad inventory management provides you with a framework that reduces cost, eliminates errors and increases profitability.

iPad inventory management holds over five hundred thousand barcode SKU’s, provides integrated Bluetooth scanner, makes bulk adjustments, provides information on which items are your best sellers and which items are not selling, alerts when stock levels are running low and it is time to place reorders and allows viewing inventory levels, transfer data and run reports for one or several locations.

In addition to inventory management, you can use the tablet technology to get a better understanding of raw goods and recipe creation to improve your winery production process. Using the technology, you can:

  • Track inventory items that create the finished wine to improve inventory control and increase efficiency
  • Link your raw goods to modifiers, and a POS system to track units subtracted when an item is ordered
  • Create more time for valuable customer relationships by spending less time in tedious inventory management
  • Maintain the contact information of all your suppliers
  • Avoid the wastage of raw materials by recording important raw material information such as name, purchase date, open date and date of expiration

While using traditional methods instead of a production management software can help wineries to save some dollars, they will be missing out on a lot of benefits that they iPad POS system provides. These benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Comprehensive traceability of your wines on a unique platform
  • Management tools that optimize the performance of your business
  • Improved margin due to the tracking of production costs
  • Efficient communication across the organization
  • Less time spent on administrative chores
  • Always connected to your production

These benefits and more of using a tablet to improve your winery production process should be enough to convince use you to start using an iPad POS system for your winery from today.

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