Great Small Business Apps for your iPad

Since its release in April of 2010, the iPad has had a profound effect on business productivity. It has given businesses numerous applications that not only allow businesses to streamline their operations, but also gives them the tools they need to significantly increase their bottom line. Below are some of the better small business iPad apps currently on the market.

1. Office Time

Office Time is a simple yet effective app that accurately tracks billable time in real time. It records billable time down to the minute, therefore assuring every billable hour is accounted for and recorded.

2. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a better version of what Apple has introduced with its iWork Office Suite. This app allows users to create and edit spreadsheets, text documents and presentations. It then allows these files to be saved locally to the Ipad or shared with colleagues via a storage service such as Google Drive, Sky Drive or Dropbox.

3. Dragon Dictation

The Ipad version of Dragon Dictation, much like the PC version, accurately transcribes the spoken word into text. It also has a feature that allows this text to then be posted to popular social media services or inserted effortlessly into an email.

4. Keynote

Keynote is a presentation editor that is an improved version of PowerPoint. Not only does it allow users to build slides quickly and efficiently, but it also allows them to save those slides to the iCloud or save them to the Ipad.

5. OmniFocus

OmniFocus is a suite of productivity tools that allows business plans to be put in an actionable list. Using this device, businesses can create to-do lists, organize data and share that data via their proprietary sync server.

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