FAQs about Cloud-Based POS, Answered

There has been a lot of talk and press releases regarding the emergence of cloud technologies as alternatives for doing business. Whether it’s about saving and storing corporate data to Point of Sale (POS) systems, the buzz is on cloud-based services. The idea here is that cloud-based POS is better, more secure and convenient. The buzz can be deafening for start-ups, retailers and struggling entrepreneurs, but is it time to move to the cloud and what are the benefits? If you have the same questions, then let the following article guide you in understanding this technology for POS.

What are the best things about cloud-based POS?

Improved data access is one of the key benefits associated with the use of cloud-based POS. Whether you are using an iPhone or tablet, you can access retail store sales and inventory movements from anywhere.

Retailers can also enjoy instant upgrades. Cloud-based providers of POS systems allow its customers to enjoy immediate updates as soon as these are rolled out. From security updates to improvements in the system, all these are rolled out in real time.

Are there changes to expect when migrating to the cloud?

Cost-wise, there will be a number of changes that retailers can welcome. For example, there’s no need to worry about the software license fee, yearly maintenance fee and upgrade costs. But when you sign up for cloud-based POS, the traditional payment arrangement is that you’ll need to cover a monthly fee without having to pay for any upfront fee. Also, there’s an option to cancel at any time. The monthly fee shall cover technical support, backups, software and even future upgrades.

Top providers of cloud-based POS including POS Highway allows customers and retailers to customize their POS services based on budget, number of employees and expected volume of transactions. For example, POS Highway offers Small (for 1-2 stores) to Large Server package (for 5-10 stores). Other services can be added to the service package including load balancing, images, firewall and snapshots.

Also, maintaining the system is taken off the hands of retailers. If there are some changes in the system or there are technical glitches, it is the provider who performs the repairs and upgrades.

What makes cloud-based POS a must-have upgrade for retail store are the ability to be customized and the convenience it brings to the retail environment. And since different providers offer different rates and add-on services per package, the challenge for retailers to choosing the best provider who can serve as a partner in maximizing what cloud-based POS can offer.

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