Expedite Orders In The Restaurant

One of the biggest complaints that restaurants face on a daily basis is the speed of service when it comes to orders being taken and completed in a timely fashion. Most people have experienced this type of service and often times it persuades them never to eat at the establishment where they have experienced this type of slow service again. This is not good news when it comes to a restaurant’s bottom line.

The good news is that there are numerous techniques that can be adapted that will assist a restaurant in expediting orders.

The first thing that a business of this type can do is to employ a restaurant kitchen manager. This individual can survey the orders that are coming in, can organize the orders, and can dictate which ones will take the most time to complete and which ones can be completed quickly. This will allow them to oversee the cooks in the kitchen and to ensure that they start cooking menu items that take longer to prepare the moment that they are ordered.

Communication is crucial when it comes to ensuring speed of service in a restaurant. This may require a restaurant manager to conduct monthly training sessions in order to work with their staff to ensure that there is no weak link in the way in which they take orders and present them to the kitchen. By holding these types of meetings, workers can provide feedback and report problems that they have experienced so new ideas can be discussed to expedite orders in the most professional and effective manner possible.

Ensuring that all employees are trained not only in their position but also so they understand how the rest of the restaurant works, is a great way to educate them so they understand how to communicate better to increase positive customer reviews and to increase their speed of service in their own position.

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