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Email marketing is part of a greater marketing automation program. Marketing automation yields many proven benefits. It can help a business owner save time and cut out unnecessary stress.

One of the most efficient tools for retail automation is the use of email marketing. What began as a means of quicker communication is now one of the best marketing techniques out there.

Email consistently ranks up there with the highest and most successful marketing techniques. Automating part of the marketing aspect of your business can and should be simple with NCR Counterpoint POS email marketing.

How does Counterpoint POS factor into this equation?

In a nutshell, customer information provided by the point of sale system during the sales process makes the connection seem more natural. One of the most important numbers in email marketing is the Click-through-rate (CTR) of the email – how many people open your email versus how many emails were sent out. Targeting emails based on customer history and preference increases the CTR of those campaigns.

How does it all work?

NCR Counterpoint’s POS System that has integrated email marketing program that interfaces with it collects certain pieces of information during the POS sales transaction. These pieces of information can include product choices, amount spent, birthday, or email (just to name a few). That information can subsequently be harnessed by the integrated email marketing software to create campaigns. Here are some campaign ideas:

Time-sensitive sales: For all retail POS users (for example, Garden Center POS users, Apparel POS users, Gift Shop POS users, etc), even having the customer in a database can enable a company to alert customers to time-sensitive sales, whether they are related to holidays, seasons, or just general sales.

Spending segmentation: Having a detailed record of the customer’s transaction history can enable businesses to target them for additional sales. A business could easily segment customers based on how much they spend, and offer additional discounts to the big spenders. In addition to offering sales, good email marketing software can also enable a retailer to send emails that contain suggestions to those big spenders.

Recurring campaigns: Businesses can use recurring email campaigns for either ongoing sales or to specifically target certain customers. A common example of this is set up automated campaigns to target customers that haven’t visited the store in a certain amount of time. Automating these campaigns means that the initial time spent setting them up is an investment that will continually contribute to your business.

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