Email Marketing with NCR Counterpoint POS

Promote your business and products with Customer Connect Email Marketing App built exclusively for NCR Counterpoint retail management and point of sale (POS) system. Connect with customers using an integrated email marketing tool that allows you to segment your customers based upon purchase history, customer category, preferences, and other data in the customer record.

Never Import another Email List – With the integration to NCR Counterpoint, you only have one set of customer data. When you add a customer at the point of sale, they are automatically added to your email list in NCR Counterpoint Customer Connect.

Targeted Marketing– Use customer information and purchase history from your NCR Counterpoint system to set up customer segments, such as VIPs, loyalty card members, or purchasers of specific products. Leverage this information to target your campaigns to customer needs and preferences.

Automated Recurring Campaigns – Welcome new customers, send birthday offers and tell customers you miss them. Set up the campaign one time and going forward it will be sent out automatically.

Sales Results – In addition to viewing who is opening or clicking your emails, NCR Counterpoint Customer Connect shows you the sales being driven by your campaigns. Robust campaign reporting allows you to see the true return on investment (ROI) of your emails.

Email marketing – is part of a greater marketing automation program. Marketing automation yields many proven benefits. It can help a business owner save time and cut out unnecessary stress. One of the most efficient tools for retail automation is the use of email marketing.

Fast web hosting – Finding a proper web hosting provider is crucial to your marketing. Having a website to link back to in your email campaigns will make it easier for customers to research and shop. The speed and performance of your website are very important, as every second added to your site’s loading speed affects how frequently visitors stay or leave (also known as the bounce rate).
What began as a means of quicker communication is now one of the best marketing techniques out there. Email consistently ranks up there with the highest and most successful marketing techniques. Automating part of the marketing aspect of your business can and should be simple with NCR Counterpoint POS email marketing using Customer Connect.

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