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The point of sale needs of retail businesses vary vastly. The reality is that one-size-fits-all point of sale, or POS, bundles simply do not adequately meet the needs of a retailer in most circumstances. Maximizing customer service, efficiency of operations and ultimately profitability depends upon the utilization of a customized POS bundle designed specifically for your particular business enterprise.

In addition to being reliable and efficient point of sale software, CounterPoint is part of a comprehensive, customizable bundle that targets and satisfies the needs of your retail enterprise.

CounterPoint offers touch-screen point of sale equipment that not only accurately processes orders, but also manages inventory. The system easily provides for multiple users and is readily updated to reflect inventory changes, including addition and deletion of products.

As part of CounterPoint’s facilities to enhance customer service, the software includes customizable features that track uniquely crafted customer loyalty programs.

Other features exist to fully ensure your retail business’s goals not only are met, but accurately tracked transaction by transaction. Each of these features is capable of unique, targeted customization, depending on the specific need of your retail operation.

No particular limitations exist regarding the types of retail businesses that benefit from the installation of this point of sale system.

CounterPoint is so adaptable, it is suitable for use in wholesale environments as well.

Smart technology makes CounterPoint easy to learn and operate.

This factor, combined with its efficient and accurate operation on multiple fronts, allows you the ability to spend less time on sales and inventory tracking and paperwork. CounterPoint frees up more time for business development and maximizing profits in both the short and long term.

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